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    दशैं तिहार रमझम अफर
    दशैं तिहार रमझम अफर
    सिम टिभि जोडनुहोस्, अफर संगै डिजिटल च्यानलको मज्जा लिनुहोस्।
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    Please do check our available Offer packages.
    Other packages including HD packages also available.
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    सिम टीभी उपहार धमाका
    सिम टीभी उपहार धमाका
    भाग लिनुहोस् र जित्ने मौका नछोड्नुहोस्
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Simple Media Network Pvt. Ltd. is now incorporated and registered in Company Registrar's Office with an objective of providing Digital TV, Digital HDTV and Internet Service with HFC (GPON) System in Nepal.

We Provide

  • features-icon2.png Feasible & High quality broadcast
  • features-icon2.png Broadband & Broadcasting service
  • features-icon2.png Nationwide Service Coverage
  • features-icon2.png Affordable & Reliable solutions
  • features-icon2.png Customer-oriented Services
  • features-icon2.png Maximum Customer Satisfaction

Why Choose Us?

  • Coverage: All Over Nepal
  • Fast Deployment
  • Free Set-Top Box
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Low Running Cost
  • High Capacity of Programs
  • No Jamming
  • No Extra Radio Waves Propagation

Our Vision to the Future.

SIMTV aims to be the largest broadcast and broadband service provider which tends to operate nationwide providing Highest quality video including HD quality video and data services to its customers living in urban as well as rural households. Our ambition is to embark on a journey to educate the citizens of Nepal with interactive, informational and up-to-date digital system.